I started relatively late in life with dolls, when a friend talked me into going to a stuffed-doll making class.
As a teacher and mother of three children, I have always loved children and babies. Their face expressions have always fascinated me.
In 1998, I visited my first class for doll reproductions, and since then I have engaged myself in the handcrafting of dolls.
But the wish of making my own creation grew stronger, and after taking part in a model seminar it was realized. The knowledge that I acquired during my studies of biology and fine arts contributed to my result.

It always is a challenge for me to have the dolls as realistic and detailed as possible, because each doll has to be natural and lifelike.

I get the inspiration for my work through daily connections with children. In addition, I am inspired by illustrations in periodicals and photos, or simply by my imagination.

Today, life without dolls is impossible for me, because I enjoy again and again everyday to document my dreams through my creations. These creations are more than just dolls, they have little personalities, human moods and feelings -  they can conquer the hearts of their adorers.
Through creating dolls, I have succeeded in harmonizing my love for children and my need for artistic creativity. My hobby has turned into a passion.
I know that I have found my calling.






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